Laura Karian

Laura Karian

Client Director Cert CII

As a Client Director, I take the time to really understand each individual client’s needs so I can establish the right markets to approach, allowing me to properly protect their business. I am passionate about building long-standing relationships with clients and being their trusted advisor for their business. I primarily specialise in Dry Cleaners, Launderettes, and Commercial Laundries. I have nearly 10 years of experience working with these types of clients and have had plenty of opportunities to learn the ins and outs of the policies and wordings that I provide. I love hearing their stories, and being a specialist means I already understand what their business does, saving them time and allowing me to provide exactly what they require. I also have a wealth of experience dealing with Property, General SME, Retail & Wholesale, and Fleet.  I adapt to each individual client, servicing quickly and operating on an efficient timescale.  I understand that running your business means you may not be easily available during ‘normal’ business hours so I work as and when the client requires to make their lives easier.


I love everything about the Teal structure that Konsileo follow – having no line manager and the collaboration opportunities allow you to do whatever you feel is right for your client. This in addition to the flexible working structure all positively impact mental health, and I have learnt that if I feel happy and supported, I can provide the best service for my clients. 


My big love is music, so when I am not working you can usually find me at gigs and festivals! I also love crafts, reading and going on days out. Family and friends are important to me, so I spend a lot of time connecting with them alongside volunteering for charities. 

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