Lee Mounsey

Lee Mounsey

Client Director Cert CII

I always put my clients first, paying attention to their needs in order to find a solution for them that protects their business and employees efficiently, comprehensively, and as financially viable as possible. I originally started my working life in the construction industry and learning many different trades has given me a great understanding of my clients business activities when discussing their insurance needs. After joining the Insurance industry as a lead generator, I worked my up into the sales team after discovering a passion for customer service and wanting to find solutions for clients. I specialise primarily in construction and manufacturing, with my insider knowledge allowing me to appreciate and mitigate the difficulties the industry faces. I have learny a plethora of diverse trades and their respective covers and I strive to keep expanding my knowledge to provide the best advice possible. As each client has unique requiermnets, I ensure I fully understand a business’ needs and their day-to-day functions to tailor policies accordingly.


I joined Konsileo because it gives everyone the opportunity to be the broker they want to be. With so many different personalities and skill sets, we can combine our efforts and enable each other to work to the best of our abilities. The flexible model encourages colleagues to work in the way best suited to their personal needs.


When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my three children, enjoying trips away. I also go the gym regularly, keeping me mentally and physically disciplined in everyday life.

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