Lee Salt

Lee Salt

Client Director

I joined insurance after leaving the Army and have never looked back. My passion is talking to people and helping them with their business; I appreciate how insurance can be overwhelming and complicated and I strive to make it accessible by explaining jargon. My aim as a broker is to enable clients to relax and have peace of mind that their livelihood is safeguarded. I pride myself on giving excellent, honest advice and being trusted to do so, always actively listening to build a full profile of what your unique business needs. Whilst I have looked after the Hospitality sector for the longest time, I am able to cover all sorts of business. My 20 years of experience means I have been exposed to a plethora of risks and have learnt the best way to deal with complexities, so my client and their business is fully protected against any eventuality.  

I joined Konsileo because they place the responsibility on the individual, meaning I have the freedom to conduct business in the way I see fit. Konsileo gives me the tools that enable me to become the best broker I can be, constantly developing my skills and learning about new markets and products available.  

Outside of work, you can usually find me spending time with my family and watching sports, mainly football and F1. I also like to play snooker – though I am not any good at it! 

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