Lewis Duggleby

Lewis Duggleby

Cert CII Client Director

Having spent over 15 years in the industry, my experience puts me in the prime position to provide my clients with the best possible cover that meets all their business needs. For the past 7 years I have been working as a construction and manufacturing broker which has given me the particular knowledge base necessary to handle all the diverse trades that fall under the sector. In addition, my CII qualification gave me the technical and specialist knowledge to ensure that everything is done properly and exceeds standards. Having worked for a variety of Top 100 UK brokers, I appreciate and understand the importance of solid and professional business relationships with my clients which allows me to provide the very best service possible.

I joined Konsileo because I wanted to work for a company which had good morals and treated their staff the same way they would treat clients. Wellbeing and work/life balance is a top priority within the company and as a result keeps me passionate about my work; I can’t imagine ever leaving!

I originally did a degree in Music Design and am still a passionate musician, producing my own tracks and DJing. I am also a fitness freak and participate in taekwondo regularly. Additionally, I enjoy spending time with my family and looking after my young son.

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