Paul Turner

Paul Turner

Client Director

I have been in insurance pretty much my whole working life, with a passion for making sure my clients are protected. I strive to provide my clients with honest and factually correct advice in order to ensure their business is fully protected. Whilst I tend to look at SMEs, I am able to place risks within any sector as I have a solid ground of knowledge for all industries. Having run an office at 21 meant I had to go through a steep learning curve, teaching me important communication and relationship skills from an early age. In addition, I have had the opportunity to set up two different brokerages, which gave me invaluable insight into the complexities of the industry.

I have felt most at home at Konsileo than any other job. The opportunity to work from home is great as I am able to achieve the perfect work/life balance. The management model and platform is like nothing else in the market, and keeps me interested and motivated at work.

When I’m not working, I’m either following or playing rugby, spending time with my family or socialising with friends.

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