Rachael Burndred

Rachael Burndred

Client Director Cert CII

As a broker, I pride myself on being approachable and reachable for my clients. I strive to be accountable and knowledgeable, being comfortable with acknowledging when I do not know something and seeking the correct information. I find it incredibly rewarding assisting people in finding the best solutions and trying to save them money along the way. I specialise in a plethora of industries and no client is too big or too small, but the cycling industry in particular is a natural interest of mine in addition to the great knowledge gained from previous jobs. The industry has changed significantly over the past few years and finding suitable insurance solutions is not always easy, so an understanding of the current trends is especially important to my role.  I also specialise in not-for-profits as I have a natural desire to assist people and my expertise places me in a perfect position to help businesses who may not necessarily have the correct knowledge many large organisations have access to.  


Having left and then returned, Konsileo is the best place to express yourself, improve, and collaborate all whilst having the flexibility to be the parent I want to be outside of work.  


When I am not working, you can usually find me walking, mountain biking, or spending time with my daughter and family. 

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