Ross Mernick

Ross Mernick

Client Director Cert CII

As a Client Director, the customer is at the heart of everything I do. I joined the insurance industry 15 years ago and have since gained a deep appreciation for the provision of customer service, striving to do the very best for my clients. I thoroughly enjoy helping people and their business, giving them the peace of mind so they can focus on running what is essentially their livelihoods. I pride myself on flexibility and amiability as well as the quality of the work I produce.


At Konsileo, we are not micromanaged and are given the freedom and flexibility to make our own decisions. It enables me to flourish professionally in addition to giving clients more time and attention without constraint.  


Outside of work, I am an assistant manager at a semi-pro football club. I also enjoy playing poker either online or live.I ran the London Marathon in 2023 in 4hrs 50mins 18secs

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