Sarah Bouffler

Sarah Bouffler

Client Director

I join Konsileo as a trade credit specialist, having previously spent ten years in credit insurance. I am incredibly knowledgeable about the markets available, ensuring that I mindfully offer the best possible solution that covers my client’s needs. I pride myself on my enthusiasm and communication and am constantly striving to provide thoughtful advice. I am always approachable and hope that my clients feel comfortable to turn to me for guidance, building a strong relationship that allows me to truly understand your business’s needs. My previous jobs have taught me how to work well under pressure and the power of prioritisation; both skills are now ingrained in how I conduct my work as well as home life. 


The Konsileo way of treating everyone on the same level and allowing people to focus on their individual strengths aligns with my personal values. I believe it is important to play to your strengths as this ultimately allows you to do your job to the best of your ability.  


Outside of work, I am usually spending time with my children and grandson, walking, reading, and making memories. I do enjoy a gin alongside too!  

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