Sharon OLeary

Sharon O’Leary

Client Director

As an account handler, I am driven to support as many client directors as I can in as many ways as possible. I have a wide range of expertise, including motor fleet, construction, liabilities, commercial combined, property owners, and e-trade, which further enables me to offer in-depth advice and assistance to whoever requires it. My prior experiences have allowed me to deal with all sorts of business and so as a result I have learnt the importance and benefit of adaptability and flexibility, as well as gaining in-depth, insider knowledge into a wide range of sectors. Accuracy is my top priority, and I pride myself on attention to detail in every aspect of my work.

The community that Konsileo has gives me the space and time to continue learning and improving on current skills, which I am even more passionate about since joining. Somebody always has the time to help, regardless of the query, and so makes me feel supported in my endeavours. In addition, the self-management style keeps me motivated and interested in the work I am doing.

Not only am I learning within the insurance-sphere but I have been taking courses at college during my own time, alongside going to the gym regularly.

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