Simon Shaw

Simon Shaw

Client Director

As a client director, my responsibilities lie with managing client’s expectations in the best way I possibly can, and I strive to provide competitive premiums without compromising cover. I have been in the insurance industry for nearly 30 years and have dealt with a variety of different sectors; as a result, I have a great appreciation and understanding of the various processes and requirements necessary within the industry as a whole. It is essential to understand the pitfalls and why they happen; my past roles and experiences have given me comprehensive knowledge of these and as a result I am able to mitigate them. In addition, having specialised in the care sector for nearly 15 years, I have the expertise and technical skills required to deal with the unique risks associated with the sector.

Konsileo’s self-management system keeps me motivated and passionate about work. With minimum external pressure, I am free to make my own decisions and give clients the time they deserve. Being left to my own devices keeps me focussed on my work and providing the best service possible.

When I’m not working, I enjoy going out to theatres, gigs, and being in an audience for TV shows! Naturally, I also enjoy football and going on holidays.

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