Stevie Little

Stevie Little

Client Director

I provide an honest and professional experience and service for my customers, with particular emphasis on building and retaining good relationships. I value being able to stay with the same clients over many years, learning about them and their business. These strong relationships allow me to fulfill my clients needs and ensure full protection of their business. Over the past 7 years, I have specialised in motor trade, liabilities, commercial combined, fleet, and haulage. My past experience includes working at a school, which was incredibly rewarding and improved my communication and organisational skills. I adopt an incredibly open approach to how I conduct my business, and I am always willing to learn.

Everyone at Konsileo is incredibly friendly and eager to help out, which creates a safe environment for me to learn and branch out into new sectors and specialisms. Konsileo gives me the freedom to choose what businesses I take on and how I go about managing my book, which keeps the motivation high!

When I’m not working, I go to the gym and box regularly, as well as playing football, dog walking, hiking, and socialising with friends.

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