Tracy Lee

Tracy Lee

Client Director

My role as Client Director gives me the opportunity to ensure people are working safely and correctly. My specialism areas are high risk construction liability and haulage. I find these sectors incredibly interesting. I pride myself on taking time to learn about the different aspects of my client’s business enabling me to be able to offer suggestions and alternatives for better risk management. I appreciate the challenge that dealing with high risks entails, particularly finding the right Insurance to  protect my clients businesses. Communication and transparency are essential for me, as both are crucial to understanding the needs and requirements of clients’ businesses. I believe we should all expect the unexpected. 

Konsileo provides the capacity to work from home, meaning my day is filled with doing what I need to in order to provide excellent service. With the support of the wider Konsileo community, I can continue learning and growing as a broker and expand into new areas and embrace new challenges.  

Outside of work, I enjoy being involved in boxing and watching football.  I like gardening, and making baby blankets. I am a history buff too, with a particular interest in Tudors, Plantagenets, and Stuarts! 

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