Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessment

Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessment

Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessment  Determining the correct value to insure your commercial property can be a tricky issue and without expert knowledge you may fall foul of a clause known as the “average” principal. The insurance principle of average, in simple terms, means that if you have an insurance policy and you don’t insure your […]

Motor Trade Commercial Insurance Profile

Motor trade

Motor Trade Commercial Insurance Profile Car Dealers Anticipate Tough Sales Year The inflated cost of living continues to affect several industries, and the motor trade is no exception. In fact, 40% of consumers say their approach to motoring has been affected by the current cost-of-living crisis, according to research by online marketplace carwow. Moreover, 27% […]

Inflation: The Impacts on Insurance

inflation: the impacts on insurance

Article originally published by Allianz What’s Causing High Inflation? Whilst a number of factors are contributing to the current economic situation, a key influence is the ongoing war in Ukraine. This has led to global rising energy prices as Europe looks to relinquish its dependence on Russian oil and gas. Additionally, the financial sanctions issued […]

Avoiding Underinsurance – Commercial Insurance March 2023

avoiding underinsurance

Tips for Avoiding Underinsurance While businesses may be all too aware of the impact of economic pressures on operations, many fail to appreciate the knock-on effect such economic burden is having on insurance cover. Specifically, high inflation is increasing the cost of products, materials and labour, making it more expensive to rebuild, repair or replace […]

2023 Commercial Motor Insurance

2023 Commercial Motor Insurance

Market Outlook 2023  The motor insurance market has faced a multitude of challenges over the past few years, and this trend looks set to continue. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic’s sudden surge in online shopping saw more commercial vehicles-particularly small delivery vans-take to the roads. This increased demand for used motors has created a market where certain […]

Construction Commercial Insurace Profile – Q3 2022

Tips for Hiring Construction Workers  Construction workers require an excellent understanding of health, safety and building regulations and must work well on a team. As such, finding worthy candidates isn’t always easy. In fact, 83% of construction companies are having significant issues recruiting new staff, according to the British Chambers of Commerce. This could be […]

Commercial Insurance Profile – July 2022

The Business Case for “Green” Initiatives The UK’s annual Net Zero Week runs from 2-8 July, highlighting the necessity of environmentally conscious business efforts. Even after Net Zero Week, it will remain key for organisations to commit to helping the UK move towards its 2050 goal of reducing carbon emissions by 100% compared to 1990 […]

Commercial Insurance Profile – June 2022

Key Figures From the 2022 Cyber Security Breaches Survey Every year, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport commissions a nationwide survey as part of the National Cyber Security Programme. This Cyber Security Breaches Survey provides valuable insight into the cyber-security and data breach patterns of UK employers. As remote work remains prevalent and […]

How Trade Credit Insurance Can More Than Pay For Itself

How Trade Credit Insurance can more than pay for itself

It’s more important than ever for businesses to protect themselves against the potential ‘domino effect’ of late payments and customer insolvency. The government support schemes available in 2020-2021, which were available to help to suppress UK insolvencies and keep rates low, have now been withdrawn. So what next? Aside from the obvious benefit of reassurance […]

Trade Credit Insurance Vs Bad Debt Protection 

Bad debt protection

Is the risk of your new customer defaulting on payment terms keeping you awake at night?  Perhaps you have received your biggest order ever from an existing customer, but you are nervous about that level of exposure? Maybe you have considered Trade Credit Insurance or Bad Debt Protection with your bank/funder and are unsure which […]