Celebrating Excellence at Konsileo Awards 2023

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Celebrating Excellence at Konsileo Awards 2023

We wanted to honour the best of the best in our organisation. So, on the evening of 15th November 2023, the inaugural Konsileo Awards took place at Staverton Park Hotel in Daventry.  

The idea was to recognise and celebrate the outstanding performance, innovation, and customer service of Client Directors who have gone above and beyond in this challenging year. It was a gruelling process putting together the awards, but we found categories that fit well with Konsileo’s culture and identity. Some of the awards were measured with statistics, some of the awards we asked our community to vote on, and some of the awards were chosen by our expert panel of judges.  

Our awards celebrate Konsileo’s values and the people that received the awards are who we consider paragons of excellence and are those who we can look to in the future as we continue to evolve together as a company.  

Best Community Hub

The first award of the evening was Best Community Hub. This award is for the Hub that all the other Hubs want to be like. They’ve nailed this support space and they’re out there making the world a better place, one insurance policy at a time. The best Hubs in Konsileo transcend the basic requirement of meeting regularly and discussing business; they’re also able to support, motivate, and inspire each other.  

Three hubs in particular stood out as having created supportive but high-performance environments. The Northants Hub and the Lincolnshire Hub were recognised as highly commended, each standing out for its unique strengths in regular meetings, active discussions, and integrated business development plans. However, the ultimate crown went to the Northwest Hub, a beacon of strength that not only had exceptional performance but also embraced challenges, focusing on underlying mindset and wellness issues. Congratulations to the Northwest Hub for winning the Best Community Hub award and creating a space of trust and support. 

Coach of the Year 

The first of our awards chosen by our community was Coach of the Year. Coaches at Konsileo form a vital part of our operating model. Our greatest Coaches have a skill of flexing their approach to their coachees during their coaching sessions, depending on the situation and Konsileo is a better place because of them. 

The nominations – including some of their nomination comments – for Coach of the Year were: 

Amanda Gray  
Amanda is hardworking, dedicated and goes above and beyond. She’s not the usual person that would be selected as a coach in most other companies, but she’s what a coach should be: very supportive, easy to talk too, and very good at listening. She’s always there for support and a chat.  

Anthony Leathert  
For contributing such a significant amount of time to supporting the development of several individuals who benefited from his business development experience.  He’s always there if you ever need a hand; a really nice bloke that wants everyone to succeed.  

Ryan Whybrow  
Ryan has been extremely patient, supportive, and helpful. He is always positive and willing to talk and help with any queries. You honestly couldn’t wish for a better coach. He is great at re-focusing back to the plan and being a cheerleader when it is all going well. 

And the winner is… Rick Wales  
Rick Wales emerged as the winner recognised for being a first-class communicator with a genuine understanding of the challenges facing the 21st century commercial insurance broker. He possesses the skills and experience that enables him to guide a colleague, but also recognises when a coachee is on the right track. Rick is always available whenever his coachees need help and advice, or someone to bounce an idea off. 

Long Service Award – Our Broker Heroes

Konsileo has been going from strength to strength since 10:01 on the 6th of December 2017 when the first piece of business went on cover. We appreciate how much our company and community have changed and grown over that time.  

We’d like to take a moment to recognise those brave superheroes that took the plunge right at the beginning and have been with us through thick and thin. They’ve worked exceptionally hard through some challenging times over the last 5 years. 

Dan Cotgrove 
Leigh Williamson 
Stephen Appleby-Jones  
Kim Appleby-Jones 
Malini Gunawardena 

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Best Practice Group

Konsileo’s Practice Groups are an opportunity for brokers to build specialist communities and support spaces which grow and evolve with a common purpose. The Best Practice Group was awarded to the one where the members all feel genuinely richer and more knowledgeable after attending. As we grow, so does the importance of working together to develop our knowledge so we can improve the quality of our offerings, internally with clients and externally with insurers. When judging for our Best Practice Group award we looked at the Practice Groups that were meeting regularly, supporting each other, and building bridges with the rest of the company and beyond. Two Practice Groups received a highly commended for succeeding in the areas of collaboration and engagement – the Mid-Market Practice Group and the Construction Practice Group. 

However, there can be only one winner and that was the SME Practice Group. In addition to the great teamwork and involvement that our highly commended groups demonstrated, the SME Practice Group also achieved great results at collaborating with our insurance partners. 

Collaboration Award

In a world where teamwork can sometimes feel like herding cats, the Collaboration Award goes to the champions of collaboration. The nominees for the Collaboration Award have proven time and time again that they can build the happiest and most productive teams. 

The nominations for the Collaboration Award were: 

Kieran McMahon 
Kieran always works so well with everyone. He not only collaborates with many different colleagues, but he also gives free help and assistance all the time. He understands the meaning of teamwork and support and has so much knowledge to share with everyone. 

Rick Wales 
Rick has brought together a great team at the Grimsby office. Rick always strives to support our more niche colleagues with cross-selling opportunities. He takes time to understand what you want and need to succeed and helps you to plan accordingly. He’s very supportive and always looking for opportunities to share. 

And the winner is… Aaron Potts 
Aaron is very generous; he wants others to do well and collaborates and shares a lot of leads. Aaron has assisted with collaboration and opening doors to networking. We couldn’t be more grateful of the set-up Aaron has assisted with. He’s always collaborating with others. 

Lifetime Achievement Award

We’ve welcomed over 150 Client Directors to Konsileo since we began, the majority still with us and present at the award ceremony. Malini Gunawardena joined us in one of the earliest cohorts and also received a long service award on the night. However, we wished to give Malini special recognition for two reasons. Firstly, from day one Malini has smashed it when it comes to sales. She well and truly earned her nickname ‘The Machine.’ Today, Malini holds one of the largest books in the company – and it’s still growing. 

Secondly, and probably most importantly, Malini embodies so many things that are great about Konsileo. It’s safe to say that, like many of the people that come to join us, Malini was undervalued by her previous employer. Here at Konsileo she’s worked hard to achieve on her own merit. She is a respected Coach and always puts her customers first. Malini can sometimes be found placing business at 10 or 11 o’clock in the evening or at the weekend, and this is because she’s found ways of working that really suit her. Trust and freedom are the heart of the business and Malini is an example of just how successful you can be! 

Salesperson of the Year

Sales are the lifeblood of our company. As brokers, our commercial success underpins everything that we do and Konsileo gives fantastic results for its clients and is a fantastic community for our Client Directors. We really are building something special and different, but we can’t do any of it without selling policies. There are currently 8 Client Directors in the company who grew their respective books by more than 75 thousand pounds each in the past 12 calendar months.  

However, that’s not the only metric by which the winner, Michelle Eames, excels. Last month Michelle broke her own record for the largest brokerage written in a single month. It’s not just sales numbers that are exciting, it’s also the high quality of the operational side of things – Michelle has a 99% contract certainty rate, 100% green file review rate, and a perfect overdue credit control metric.  

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People’s Choice

The People’s Choice Award was the last of the night and the finalists had been nominated by our community. We’re proud to be giving this award as it’s truly very teal. Twenty-two people were nominated for the People’s Choice award, and it recognises the contribution that the colleagues make to our community.  

Everyone nominated was chosen for the very best of reasons. Our finalists are like a cup of warm tea on a rainy day: sweet, delightful, and guaranteed to make you smile. One thing that runs through all the feedback given was a theme of Helpfulness. Whilst we rarely see people refusing to help each other in Konsileo, some people just can’t stop giving.  

The nominees for the People’s Choice Award were: 

Alison Gilliver 
Alison is very patient, helpful, and always has time for everyone. Alison always has the time to help anyone and is never too busy to answer questions. She is always happy and positive even when she is snowed under! 

Anthony Leathert 
Anthony consistently goes actively out of his way to support others and develop people within the business. He works tirelessly for his nominated charities getting involved in fund raising events in his local community. He is a hardworking, successful, social media guru.  

James Quaye 
It looks like all the nominations just contained a single word… Legend. 

And the winner is… Dawn Wolfenden 
Dawn has everybody’s back. She is a super fantastic individual and always tries her hardest to help everyone she can, despite having to fulfil a thankless task on a day-to-day basis. Dawn is incredible, she can make you feel like the thing you’re asking her to help with is the most important thing to her at that very moment when we all know she has about 500 things on her plate. 

A Night of Triumphs and Gratitude

The Konsileo Awards 2023 culminated in a night of triumphs and gratitude. The winners, runners-up, and nominees alike demonstrated the spirit of Konsileo — a community that values collaboration, innovation, and above all, each other. Here’s to another year of growth, success, and shared achievements at Konsileo. Congratulations to all!

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