Konsileo goes speed-dating at BIBA  


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Konsileo goes speed-dating at BIBA

Kieron Burrows is Head of Insurance at Konsileo, and this year, as for the last ten years, he’ll be at BIBA. He’s also inviting all of Konsileo’s 100+ brokers to come along too.  


What’s BIBA all about?


Well, BIBA is actually the British Insurance Brokers’ Association – a trade body representing the UK’s general insurance intermediaries. But every May they run a massive BIBA conference and exhibition.


Over the course of two days there’s more than 8,000 delegates from across the industry listening to various keynote speeches, going to seminars and fringe events and visiting more than 200 exhibition stands.  


Since the pandemic it’s come to have quite a party atmosphere, because remote and hybrid working means people aren’t getting out and about or facetoface quite as much. So, when they do it’s cause to celebrate! It’s a bit like insurance Christmas.  


Who’s there?  


Big insurance companies, big brokers, small brokers, MGAs, software houses, Insuretech companies, consultancy firms, specialists, FCA representatives – everybody and anybody involved in the insurance world.  


Why do brokers love BIBA  


Brokers love people – and there are a lot of people at BIBA! More than that, though,  

it’s a great professional development opportunity. It’s particularly good for younger brokers – and there’s even a Young Brokers Day for under 35s, which really focuses on how we can invest in and develop new talent coming through.  


It doesn’t matter how old you are or what experience you have, when it comes down to it being able to access the latest ideas, trends and thought leadership is incredibly valuable. I encourage Konsileo attendees to go to all the sessions and seminars – and register it as CPD (continuous professional development).   


Why do YOU go to BIBA 


For me, it’s all about networking and building relationships – particularly with insurers. It’s
a great place to see lots of people from lots of different places
in real life all at once. I like to think of it as one big speed-dating event! The idea is to make lots of connections and hopefully do lots of business.


Why is getting people face to face so important?  


You can do a lot on Microsoft Teams, but every now and again you can’t beat meeting a real life human being.  


BIBA helps me get people in front of people – so I’ve arranged loads of meetings to match up Konsileo brokers with underwriters and other suppliers – people who I think will get on and be useful to each other.  


Will Konsileo have a stand?  


Not this year – our focus is to get round to other people’s stands and meet people.   


Why do you invite all Konsileo brokers?  


I think most brokerages bring along their top team or top earners – but at Konsileo every single broker is invited along. I think 25 are coming this year.  


There is no hierarchy here, and individual people get to decide what success looks like for them. So, there’s no top team to invite – and equally no one’s forced to come along if they don’t want to.  

BIBA is also great opportunity for our own team to get together, talk to each other, and then meet with partners, stakeholders and friends – and make new ones! 


What are you looking forward to most this year?  


Well, I’ve got four or five lunch invites on the first day – so I’m looking forward to lots of lunches! I’ll probably have to ask other brokers to represent Konsileo for the sake of my waistline  


But in seriousness I’d far rather connect people up and get out of the way so the people who are really going to be doing the work together can get to know each other.  


What’s the secret to getting the most out of BIBA?  


Pre-plan your meetings, get to as many sessions as possible, and don’t party too hard!  

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