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Boreas Contracts LtdClient Testimonial

When Neil Parrot started Boreas Contracts Ltd, he knew finding insurance for the new industrial panel installation company as it ramped up activity would be no easy task. Luckily he also knew Rick Wales – a Konsileo client director from the Cleethorpes Hub.  

Neil explains: “I knew Rick from our local village pub – and also just from around and about Cleethorpes. He’s well-known and respected around here for being at the forefront working with big industrial businesses. So I knew he was the right man to be talking to.” 

Boreas Contracts Ltd designs, supplies and installs composite wall and ceiling panels for large storage units, freezers and chillers – working mainly in the food and warehousing industries.  

Expert help 

“I needed expert help to get the right insurance in place, because there were lots of complicating factors,” says Neil. “Being a start-up was one challenge, the nature of our works was another, the high cover limits we needed – and then the whole way our contracts and sub-contracts are set up.  

“There was just no way we could get a quick quote online or something off-the-shelf, it had to be bespoke. Rick came in and really got to know the business inside and out. He told us exactly what we needed, why, to what level, and how much it was going to cost.  

“It turned out there were all sorts of things we hadn’t thought of, and that were changing as we grew. He cut through all the jargon, walked us through all the details – and went out to the market to find someone who’d take us on without breaking the bank.” 

Complicated cover 

The insurance Boreas Contracts needed included works cover, professional indemnity, employers liability, public liability and fleet cover.  

“All in all, it was a very complicated package made very easy for us by Konsileo,” says Neil. “And it’s not something that’s one and done, we’re constantly in touch because each new project we take on has got new challenges and parameters.  

“Rick and I tend to meet up at least once a month to talk through what we’ve got coming up, sometimes over a pub lunch! It’s great to have that relationship and to be able to lean on Rick, ask any questions and get any amendments made quickly and easily. We recently set up an office over in Ireland, and Rick even helped find us cover over there, putting us in touch with the right Irish brokers and insurers and making sure everything worked smoothly. 

Grade A Insurance 

“We were looking for grade A insurance we could really trust, and that’s exactly what we got from Konsileo. I’ve already recommended them to other businesses I know. Rick is extremely knowledgeable, extremely experienced, and extremely committed to his clients. He’s straight down the line, too, so you’ll always know exactly where you are. You’re not going to be sold something for the sake of it, and you’re not going to be left high and dry.  

“That knowledge of industry, the time they took to understand what we do and how we do it, and the ongoing support has all just been brilliant. You really couldn’t ask to have a better team in your corner.” 

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