Konsileo’s year in review

Konsileo's year in review

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As one more year is coming to a close, we might find ourselves rushing into New Year’s resolutions and ambitious objectives. But, if we don’t reflect on past achievements, how do we know if we are moving forward? Retrospection is the key for people – and companies– to evolve.

2018 was a fruitful year for Konsileo!

From being awarded ‘Broker Start-up of the Year’ to welcoming new members on board and establishing new promising collaborations, we have many things to look back on that are worth remembering.

So, let’s take a look back at the top moments that shaped this amazing year…

When we raised £2.7m in funding

In April, we racked up £2.7 million in Series A funding by technology investor Committed Capital. The investor – who specialise in fast-growing finance companies – think that “Konsileo’s plan to use technology to transform the economics of insurance broking by focussing on the needs of advisors and clients is a recipe we have seen work very well in other markets” (via Insurance Business UK).

Thanks to these resources we could develop our technology further and expand our broking and central teams with new talent.

When we welcomed new members in our team

In 2018, we’ve more than doubled our headcount! During the summer, two new cohorts of experienced brokers joined Konsileo. To welcome them, we organised two induction events(one in June and one in August) where we had the chance to get to know them better and let them share their hopes and expectations. We now have a total of 13 brokers in our team and expecting to welcome the next cohort in early 2019.

In the headquarters squad, new members included Meric, who joined as a Lead Developer, and Kieron, as Commercial Broking Manager. Caspar started in summer as a UX Design Trainee and Alexandra as a Marketing Executive. Our latest recruit,Stephen has joined the team in the role of Business Consultant.

We now have a bigger, stronger team of enthusiastic individuals that share our vision to create the insurance broking firm of the future.

When we won ‘Broker Start-up of the Year’ award

Autumn was busy and started extremely well, being awarded ‘Broker Start-up of the Year 2018’. John (our CEO) and Abi were there to receive the trophy. Konsileo impressed the judges with its determination to offer the market something new based on a fresh broking model and innovative technology. At the same time, our ambitious growth plans made Konsileo stand out from the fierce competition.

This prize is a huge milestone for Konsileo. It’s an acknowledgement that encourages all of us to keep up the hard work while amplifying our presence in the insurance market.

John and Abi at the UK Broker Awards 2018

When InsurTech UK launched

Following discussions with more than 20 British start-ups in the summer, Konsileo became one of the founding members of Insurtech UK, a trade body for companies in the insurance technology sector, with the aim to become a formal association in 2019.

This exciting meeting of minds means a lot for Konsileo, and the insurtech sector in general,as the new body aspires to push forward dialogue with regulators and give voice to the country’s insurtech community.

Founders meet to launch Insurtech UK

When we teamed up with Equipsme

Early in October, we formed a new collaboration with Equipsme, a start-up providing a practical and flexible health and wellbeing solution for UK SMEs. We are always excited to work together with like-minded insurtech companies that share the same values and vision.

This joining of resources gives us the opportunity to have a stronger proposition and makes it possible for our brokers to offer more value-added services to our business clients.

New year, new targets

As the curtain is coming down on this year, we feel grateful for all the good things and promise to stay focused on the bigger picture. Among our plans for the new year is launching our client portal to offer a personalised service to our business clients, grow our team of experts to reach a wider market, and make our brand presence stronger.

We are looking forward to 2019, and we are sure it’s going to be a thrilling year full of new opportunities for us to evolve and achieve more of our strategic objectives.

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