Marine Insurance

Also known as Cargo Insurance, Marine Insurance provides insurance cover for goods and freight being transported by sea. If you are and importer or exporter, protecting your products, materials or stock whilst being transported by sea cargo is critical to protect against damage or loss.

Regardless of international or domestic travel, marine insurance protects your business and items whilst on the move. Our specialist brokers can advise and offer bespoke solutions regarding your marine policy.

What does Marine Insurance cover?

Whilst goods or products are being transported, they face many risks. Marine Insurance includes cover for (but not limited to):

  • Theft
  • Hijacking
  • Marine incidents such as sinking or fire damage.
  • Loss or damage of goods whilst in transit
  • Loading and unloading of cargo
  • Warehouse storage (between transport stages)


At Konsileo, we offer a wide range of insurance policies designed specifically for the marine trade sector. Whilst common policies such as business interruption, damage to equipment or property, and liability coverage are essential, we recognise that the marine sector requires specialist policies to address its unique risks.

Do I need Marine Insurance?

If you import or export product, materials or stock then marine insurance is a critical cover to protect your assets and business.  From sole traders to large marine operators, liability insurance is essential regardless of your size and here at Konsileo, we have the markets and expertise to deliver appropriate covers for your operations.  Marine or Cargo insurance, is ideal for.

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Supply Chain logistics companies
  • Marine transport providers
  • Ship owners and operators
  • Shipyards
  • Ports and Terminals


Why Choose Konsileo for your Marine Insurance?

As independent brokers, we pride ourselves on our extensive industry expertise and commitment to providing bespoke insurance solutions. Our team of professionals understands the risks and challenges faced by businesses in the marine trade sector, offering comprehensive risk management solutions to ensure your operations are protected.

We will protect your business, properly.


Marine Insurance

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