USA Product Liability Insurance

With legislative differences between the UK and the USA, sales or exporting goods and products to the US or Canada can have serious consequences if your product causes damage or injury to a third party. This makes USA Product Liability Insurance a critical cover to protect you and your business.

Standard Product Liability Insurance can fall short in protecting your liabilities in the USA.  It’s essential to speak with our specialist team to ensure appropriate covers are placed to safeguard your business.

Do I need USA Product Liability Insurance?

Online Sellers, Manufacturers, Exporters, and Distributors to the US marketplace should ensure that appropriate liability insurance covers all your product and operations in case something goes wrong. The legal system in the US is different to the UK and lawsuits can be very costly to your business in the event of a claim. It should also be noted that any legal claims initiated in the USA and Canada can be enforced through the UK courts.

What Insurance Covers would I need to Sell to the USA and Canada?

This really depends on the product and your operations within the USA. Every business is different, so we would strongly suggest you speak with our specialist team to fully assess your risks and liability needs. Typical covers include (as applicable to your business):

Why Choose Konsileo for your Insurance?

The Konsileo team have a wealth of experience supporting online retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and exporters. With years of collective knowledge, we are well placed to assess, review, and offer the best covers to ensure your USA Liabilities are protected. In addition, we have access to a multitude of markets and products which means we can tailor policies to each individual business.

USA Product Liability

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