Ricketts Financial Planning – Client Testimonial

Ricketts Financial Planning

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Ricketts Financial Planning - Client Testimonial

Ricketts Financial Planning, based in the Wirral, offer a range of financial advice to individual and corporate clients across the UK – from mortgages to life insurance, pension planning, investments, tax planning, and business insurance. 

When it comes to their own insurance, though, they go to Konsileo. 

“We obviously know something about financial services, and the fact we trust Konsileo sort of speaks for itself,” says Remco Buckley, Financial Planner and partner at Ricketts Financial Planning. 

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone…”

“I know Konsileo’s Graham Walker from local business networking events – he’s well known in the area and very, very knowledgeable. I’ll even go to him on behalf of clients because he can do things and find covers I can’t, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

Graham, a Client Director from the North West Hub, arranges Ricketts’ fleet and liability insurance – and is also on hand to give ad hoc advice.  

Refreshingly Modern

Remco continues: “What you get with Konsileo is personal and personable service, and real, expert advice. I suppose it’s an old-school way of broking, but that’s so rare these days it’s actually refreshingly modern!

“Having someone know you and know your business and understand what you need and explain the nuance of what you’re getting is invaluable. That’s not something you can do through a price comparison website, or even over the phone with an off-the-shelf policy. I want to know what the product actually does and how it’s going to respond. 

“What you don’t want is to come to the point of a claim and realise your policy doesn’t do everything you wanted it to. Because at that point it’s too late. 

“With Graham you get the advice you need to make an informed decision. He’s very open and very straight – and he’s not just out to make a few quid. If something comes back more expensive he’ll explain why, and why he’s including or recommending it. I know if I’ve got a question or query I can just pick up the phone and get an answer.”

Best Interests

“As a business, we’ve always got our clients’ best interests at heart, and that’s what we’re looking for in our suppliers, too. It’s precisely what we get from Konsileo. The offering is very strong, and as we continue to grow as a business, I’ll be looking to Graham for all our future insurance needs.

“If you want a relationship and not just an annual transaction, real advice and not just a hard sell, Konsileo could be the broker for you.”


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