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“I fell into my first insurance job at the age of 17 because I wanted to be able to afford a car! But I ended up finding something I’m actually passionate about. 23 years later it’s great to feel passionate about it again. With Konsileo I’ve re-found my love for the job – and my confidence.” 

Starting at Konsileo in September 2022, Ryan, from Essex, explains: “I’ve worked for big insurance brokers, and for local brokers, for more than 20 years. I honestly thought my last role would be just that – my last role. I was invested and I thought I’d be there until retirement.  

“I think corporate culture just gradually wore me down. You end up in a place where your clients are dealt with by multiple people across multiple departments – and you can’t give them the service you want. When you start being encouraged to place and do business in a way that does the company more good than the actual client, something’s wrong, isn’t it? It’s not why I became a broker, and it’s not how I want to do things. 

“The actual move to Konsileo was a big and pretty scary step for me. I’m very loyal, it took 18 months before I decided to make the leap.  

“I’ve had a job since the day I turned 18, and coming out of the corporate world wasn’t comfortable – that’s why it took me so long. But I knew it was the right place for me.” 

Too good to be true 

“A lot of people don’t believe in Konsileo when they first hear about it, because it does sound too good to be true. But I did believe in the model, and I was attracted to the organisation because I wanted to be listened to – and trusted to make the right decisions for my clients.  

“So far, it’s been everything I wanted it to be. I’m taking my time to build up my book slowly and make sure I’m working with the right clients and I’m building my book in the right way. I’m here for the long haul, so I’m not going to pick up everything that comes my way. The brilliant thing is there are plenty of colleagues to pass things over to, and work together with.” 

Like all new starters, Ryan started on the month-long induction programme that introduces Konsileo and its way of working, creates a network of connections, and develops initial business plans.  

Ryan continues: “Normally in an induction you’re given a computer and told to get on with it. At Konsileo the process is something else – and it’s evolving all the time. They really give you the tools you’re going to need to succeed. I learned a lot about myself, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  


“One thing I’ve also really enjoyed is being asked to be a coach for other Client Directors. There’s no line management, but you get buddied up with peers and mentors – you’re never left on your own. I KNOW I’m good at my job – but I’d lost a lot of belief in myself. It’s great to get that confidence back, to have my experience recognised – and to be able to help others on their Konsileo journey. 

“Konsileo isn’t going to be for everyone, you have to be able to think for yourself and manage yourself. You also have to be ready to learn. But if you can do all that, the rewards are amazing. Not only do you get a great remuneration package, but there’s no one looking over your shoulder, setting your targets, telling you what you can and can’t do for the client you know the best. It’s the closest thing you can get to being self-employed, without the headache of being self-employed. I’d highly recommend it.” 

Get in contact with Ryan to find out more about working for Konsileo, or head on over to our Career’s page.

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