Employee Well-being Insights: Supporting Women’s Health in the Workplace

Well-supported and engaged employees are the backbone of high-performing organisations. As such, employee well-being is a critical topic for employers to take note of. And while many organisations are offering perks and support for physical and mental health, it’s vital that such offerings are extended to women’s health matters. In a statement to the House […]

Duncan Bennett: Falling Back in Love with Broking

Duncan Bennett had been running his own brokerage firm and pouring hours into it – when he realised he wanted something different out of his life. When an old colleague told him about Konsileo, he knew he’d found it.   Duncan says: “Running your own business can take over your entire life, and I found that’s […]

Commercial Insurance Profile – August 2021

Understanding Changing Sources of Liability Post-COVID Employers have had many adjustments to make since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and there still may be more to come. Even as the UK begins to reopen fully and return to life somewhat resembling pre-COVID conditions, it’s important for organisations to realise that many things have changed. […]

Protecting Workers from Heat Stroke

The warmer temperatures and long days of summer provide employers with an opportunity to accomplish various outdoor tasks that might not be possible during colder parts of the year. However, it’s important that organisations across all sectors are aware of the dangers that summer conditions can pose to workers. Heat-related illness can result in severe […]

Commercial Insurance Profile – October 2020

Address Ergonomics for Employees Continuing to Work Remotely As the coronavirus pandemic continues to force many organisations and employees to conduct operations in a remote work environment, it is important that all parties involved understand the importance of proper ergonomics. Whether employers are in the process of reopening or have been able to remain operational […]

Commercial Insurance Profile – September 2020

What to Know if Working From Home Becomes the Status Quo Despite the UK attempting to reduce lockdown measures and allow more organisations to reopen amidst the coronavirus pandemic, many employees may prefer to continue to work remotely. Although working remotely may have been accompanied by certain challenges, employees have also been freed from the […]

Protecting Employees from Coronavirus

As global concerns about the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to rise, it’s important for employers like you to understand what you can do to protect your workforce. Review this guidance for an outline of what coronavirus is, how it spreads and key steps that you can take to keep employees healthy. What is Coronavirus? […]