Technology Start-Up Insurance

The ever-growing technology sector has many opportunities for skilled engineers, technicians, developers, and cyber specialists seeking to start up in business. Technology start-up insurance may not be at the top of your initial planning process, but in this fast-paced, ever-changing sector, protecting your liabilities and assets are essential for success.

Before you startup, it’s important to consider the financial risks to your business as minor errors can stack up rather quickly, system security can be bypassed, and litigation can be brought against you for a multitude of reasons. We would suggest a quick call with our technology team prior to start-up just to get advice, information, and some guidance without obligation.

What is Tech Start-up Insurance? 

All start-ups differ from the products they offer, targeted client base, funding opportunities and structure. This means that a ‘one size fits all’ solution is not the most appropriate and can be unnecessarily costly. We work with you to road map through your goals, providing the right amount of protection at the right time, supporting your business growth and goals. Once in place, Technology start-up insurance will provide protection for your business from the day you start along with all the statuary insurance requirements needed for a business.

Technology Start-Up Businesses We Can Help 

For a sector that is so diverse, we offer technology start-up insurance for the following technology businesses:

Why Choose Konsileo for Your Tech Start-Up Insurance?

With a dedicated, specialist technology team in-house, we are well placed to offer guidance, support, and assistance at your startup stage. Once you officially launch your business, we will have you covered against all possible risks and liabilities.

Dealing directly with your own specialist technology broker, we will ensure you have access to information, advice and support during all stages of your business and its growth.

Technology Start-Up Insurance

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