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Ian Gardiner, from Sussex, has been in insurance for 38 years, in various roles across various firms. He rates his three years with Konsileo as his best role by far.  

“I started out in insurance as a fresh-faced 16-year-old,” says Ian. “And I’ve done all sorts. I’ve been a desk-top claims handler, a loss adjuster, and a broker – and the thing that I’ve always loved about it is the people. Even the ones a bit upset after a loss! 

“That’s probably why I got disillusioned with the traditional, corporate firms. When it’s all about the numbers and the hard sales and closing the most deals, it stops being about the people. It stops being what’s best for the client. And that’s not the job I ever wanted to be doing.  

 “I’m in my 50s. I’ve never been prepared to just to put scores on the doors and I’m not going to start now. It doesn’t work anyway! I’m also too old to want to be permanently low-to-medium level unhappy at work – or to be beaten by a stick by middle management after a quiet week.” 


One last challenge 

Looking for something new, Ian found a couple of different options. He continues: “I had a choice. I had an opportunity at a local brokerage where I’d just be a safe pair of hands looking after an existing book – and then I found Konsileo. I liked everything I heard about it. And I thought I’d maybe got just one more spin of the wheel in me – one last challenge. 

“With Konsileo it’s like building your own business. You get all the freedom you would get if you were an Appointed Representative, but all the security and support of being an employee. And I’ve not looked back since. 

“Konsileo has been like a breath of fresh air. There’s no hierarchy, and everything is made completely transparent, so you get to be involved in the business and actually be part of shaping it. It’s so refreshing to be valued for what you bring to the table, and not just your last month’s sales! It’s also refreshing that there’s no set hours, and no one watching the clock. That means I can do things like school pick-ups and ferry my kids around to all their after-school clubs and dance recitals.” 

For Ian, finding his own clients and building up those relationships has been part of the pleasure of the role. He says: “My clients are really varied. I’ve got quite a few motor trade clients, but then I’ve got some from left field – an organisation involved in creating a new cleaner type of fuel, for instance, and a company which produces virtual reality headsets for medical research. I love and appreciate all my clients dearly, but jobs like that just makes it all the richer. And with Konsileo I can get the right combination of cover for those niche areas that you really can’t pigeonhole.” 


System flexibility 

“Firms working with Acturis are limited by what the system can do. Now if I want an enhancement or a change to a feature, I can ask for it to be added to the Konsileo system – and it invariably is. We’re starting to get feedback from insurers that they know it too. Konsileo presentations are put to the top of the pile because they know what we really can deliver.  

“The system itself is awesome – and so intuitive. Trust me, if I can use it, it must be pretty awesome! You can add photos and notes when you’re out and about on the app, and it makes it so easy to keep track and keep in touch.  

“I’ve worked remotely for some time, so I always knew that bit would suit me, but you’re really not isolated at all. I’m always on Teams, and there’s always someone else there to give a you a steer on a case or second eye. There’s so much expertise and experience in the organisation, and it’s so easy to tap into it.  

“Another thing that’s great about Konsileo is the coaching. My coach has been brilliant. It’s so nice to have that back-up and sounding board – and it’s brilliant to be able to do that for others. I’m coaching four people at the moment, and it’s one of the best bits of the job. I’ve had supervisory roles before but this is even better. Watching other people you’ve maybe helped along the way going on and flying high is the best buzz there is.  


Building relationships 

“Konsileo would suit any broker who values their relationships with clients, and who wants to get them the right cover – and maybe even save them a few quid along the way.  

“You have to be driven, self-motivated and self-disciplined. If you need the structure,  direction or atmosphere of an office environment, it’s not for you. But if you can make your own energy, and build great relationships, then I couldn’t recommend Konsileo highly enough. It’s a great opportunity – and taking the leap could be the best thing you ever do.” 


Want to find out more? Contact Ian Gardiner on 07814 386 887 or email him at ian.gardiner@konsileo.com.

You can also click here or contact our Head of Talent Acquisition, Chris Sulman, directly at chris.sulman@konsileo.com or 07898210760.


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