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Paul started out at his Dad’s Halifax insurance business at the age of 17, when an ankle injury put paid to his dream rugby career. He’s since run various local brokerage offices and divisions – and spent a short stint as a desk-based broker at a large firm. Three years ago, he started with Konsileo. Paul describes it as the most enjoyable time of his 30-year insurance career.  

“It’s been such a refreshing change. I’m like a new man!” says Paul. “My last role was brilliant – building the commercial arm for a successful brokerage in Blackburn – but the commute from Halifax was exhausting. I felt like enough was enough and it was the right time for a bit of a change.  

“Konsileo was a no-brainer. It meant I could work from home – and sit on the sofa instead of in the car! As long as you get the work done, your time really is your own. That means I can do things like ferry my 13-year-old son around to all his rugby and social activities, and be there for my 18-year-old daughter, who really struggles with anxiety. People say they need you less in the teen years, but I’ve found the opposite. Being a teenager these days isn’t easy, so being around makes a huge difference.”  


Agility and innovation 

Konsileo employees are taken on and trained up on the company and its bespoke broking system as a group. Paul was part of the second ever cohort. He continues: “I was one of the first dozen or so people to join Konsileo, and it’s been brilliant to have been part of the journey helping it grow and develop. It’s a very agile and innovative company, and that means we’re always looking to improve our systems, services and support – and cut out bureaucracy.  

“Management is hands off. But if you have a problem they’re always there for you. There’s also a wonderful peer group of like-minded Client Directors to share with and learn from, and we’ve started to form local and trade Hubs, so you’ve got your own little family within the family.  

“We also have a system of coaches, rather than a hierarchy of line management. I’m fortunate to be a coach as well as having one myself, and I work as a sounding board for some very experienced people – and some newer ones, too. Those different perspectives and diverse experiences make us all better and stronger as a business. We’re all willing each other to do well – so it’s a very positive atmosphere.”  


Unique business model 

“The Konsileo business model is so different to anything else in the industry, and I think it’s really shaken up the sector. You get to be autonomous, without taking on all the onerous FCA bits – and with fair recompense for your time and effort. It lets me do what I love best, which has always been working face-to-face out in the community, meeting interesting people and getting them the right cover! It’s never been just about the numbers or targets for me – and I hate being stuck behind a desk.  

“I’m a bit of a jack of all trades to be honest, and I’ve turned my hand to almost everything over the years. One minute I can be doing a big chain of pubs, the next doing a vehicle change for a taxi driver – or professional indemnity for a freelancer. What that means is I’ve got a really varied book, which makes every day interesting. It’s certainly keeping me on my toes! My book’s now approaching about £1m GWP in premium terms, which going into my third year of Konsileo I’m pretty happy with. I can’t wait to see what the next three years bring.” 


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