Tyres 4 U Wirral Limited – Client Testimonial

Tyres 4 U Wirral Limited

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Tyres 4 U Wirral Limited – Client Testimonial 

Tyres 4 U Wirral Limited is a family run tyre specialist based in the heart of the Wirral, including Matthew Mearns, his sister Debbie, wife Kayleigh, and mum, too. Even the kids get involved at the weekends.

“For us, it’s all about family,” says Debbie. “Relationships and trust are absolutely key to everything we do. Our customers are part of our family, too, and that’s what keeps them coming back to us.

“When it came to our insurance, we didn’t want to be dealing with a stranger at a call centre. We wanted a relationship there too – someone who could get to know us and who we could trust to have our backs. That’s exactly what we’ve got with Konsileo.”

Wirral Business Community

Debbie knew local Konsileo Client Director Graham Walker from in and around the Wirral business community, and she wanted to work with someone who could actually meet her and Matthew in person.

She continues: “My personal experience with insurance is that I don’t like doing it over the phone. I don’t like talking to someone I can’t see and who doesn’t see me as an individual or care about our business beyond taking our premium. I don’t want to be sold to – I want to be understood and I want to feel confident I’m getting the right cover. 

“Graham is just a great guy. He definitely sees us – and he really knows our business. He’s got that holistic view, and that for me is priceless. He’s also very knowledgeable and very approachable – I honestly can’t rate him highly enough.

“I’m in touch with Graham all the time. He’s always there when we need him, and he can’t do enough for us. He was the first person I called, for instance, when we got the notice to say that due to redevelopment in Wallasey, the garage and local business owners would have to move out. And he just made it all easy.

“Not so long ago Matthew also had a ding in the car. He hates dealing with all the paperwork stuff – that’s my job – but he’s happy to talk to Graham and it all got sorted out really quickly. There’s just a bond there, and that’s something you don’t get with a lot of brokers.”

Konsileo organises Tyes4uWirral’s business insurance, employers liability, and more.

“What most people dread about their insurance is having to go through everything every year and searching around for the right deal,” adds Debbie. “It’s boring and time consuming. But not with Graham! He’s very good at articulating stuff – explaining what we need, what we don’t, things we haven’t thought about. And because he knows us so well now, and does all his due diligence before he comes in, it’s all a very painless process. And I know we’re getting the best cover we can get for the best price each year.

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