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Alexander Myerson & Co Limited – Client Testimonial

Alexander Myerson & Co Limited chartered accountants are based in the heart of Liverpool, and work to support individuals and businesses across the North West and throughout the UK with accountancy, audit and tax services.

When it came to their insurance, Director Paul Burns turned to Konsileo, and local Client Director David Moffitt.

“I’ve known David for years,” explains Paul, “so I knew he knew his stuff, and I knew we’d be in safe hands.

“When it comes to insurance you want a decent price, but you don’t want mess about. Unlike some brokers, David actually took the time to sit down and get to know us as a business and really look at the protection we needed – and what we didn’t need. He’s a breath of fresh air. He didn’t just sell us the biggest policy for the biggest commission he could get – he got us the best possible deal on the best cover for us.”

Alexander Myerson – Public Liability Insurance

While the firm gets its professional indemnity insurance through professional body ICAEW’s approved list, everything else goes through David and Konsileo, including things like public liability insurance and buildings insurance.

Paul says: “One of the things that’s complicated for us is that we’re in this fantastic listed building. Clients love it, but the insurance can be painful – because if things go wrong it can cost a lot of money to repair. David found us a great policy, at a great premium.

“And it’s not just over and done with after that, either, so we don’t hear from him again until it’s time for renewal. I see David around and about at business conferences and we catch up probably once a week. So he’s always up to date on what’s going on, what changes there are, and he’s always thinking about what we might need in terms of future cover and support.

“I’d definitely recommend Konsileo to other people. David is amazing. Everything is brought to me and explained to me – it’s not me having to go out and find out about it all for myself.

I’ve got so much on as a business owner, and so much to deal with, I just want my insurance to be easy. With David I don’t have to think about it, because I know it’s sorted.

“Because I’m so confident David has got our back and the insurance doesn’t need my additional input, I can just get on with my job. You can’t ask for more than that.”

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