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The vision – change the face of broking to bring people and technology together whilst being the broker that everyone wants to work for.

After being with Konsileo a couple of months as their new Marketing Manager I am really starting to get to grips with how exciting this is going to be for the insurance industry, from both a broker and client perspective. I have always had a passion for driving customer loyalty and with the Konsileo platform at the centre of broker processes – it is sure to do just that!

So what happened before I got here…

From inception to launch took around 18 months, and with this launch we have now armed ourselves with version one of the Konsileo platform for operational broking. We have a group of brokers using the technology and any new brokers we bring on board will go straight onto the Konsileo platform. With real brokers using the platform daily, this means developments can regularly be made to ensure it works efficiently (on a daily basis at the moment!) and makes broking as simple as possible (with up to 60% less admin) to allow brokers more time to build relationships with their clients.

With co-founders John and Peter running the show and a growing team at Konsileo HQ – product development is moving at a rapid pace, which is so exciting especially for someone coming in as a new team member. Being able to see the product grow and evolve plus the benefits to not only our brokers but the wider insurance industry is a real pivotal moment in my career.

Konsileo is FCA regulated (win!), and are actively seeking the best talent in commercial broking around the UK to become founding members and mentors to future brokers. With a successful round of applications earlier this year, it is key for us to make sure we bring on the top brokers in the industry, and eventually have regional hubs all over the UK (and the world – dream big!).

From our previous interviews with brokers, the feedback has been brilliant, including…

This is exactly what the insurance industry needs, I can’t wait to see how Konsileo grows.

Our brokers are also fully immersed in product development; as they use the new technology and get feedback from their clients on what they really want from a broker, we can incorporate this valuable feedback into our plans to ensure that risk advice is valued and brokers are happy in their workplace!

Top-line… here are the core benefits of the Konsileo platform:

  • 40-60% time saving on admin and processes in comparison with existing software
  • All data collected from clients is used intuitively to help with risk management
  • Compliance by design, ensuring clients are not underinsured
  • A broking community – enabling teamwork and cross-selling for specialist products
  • Mentorship – professional development supported through a network of brokers in a collaborative yet autonomous environment

To find out more about becoming a Konsileo broker get in touch or apply here.

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