Bodyshop Insurance

Bodyshop insurance is a critical cover for all businesses in the vehicle body repair sector. Working with and around cars requires specialist equipment and training due to the hazardous nature of the job. Even if you follow HSE guidelines to the letter, accidents can and will occur, which is where your Motor Trade insurance comes in. However, standard Motor Trade insurance may not cover the specific requirements associated with Bodyshop garages. Bodyshop Insurance offers cover for garages working on the restoration or repair of the bodywork of vehicles and protects garages against industry-specific risks you face on a day-by-day basis.

What is included in Bodyshop Insurance?

As with many standard Motor Trade policies, cover can include;


Depending on your specific garage needs the cost will differ, so it is important to be transparent with your broker about your status as a business to ensure you receive the correct cover.

What can I add to Bodyshop Insurance?

Engineering Inspection cover is available and provides professional inspection of equipment to ensure you are adhering to legislation, keeping your compliance up to date. Specialist tools and equipment cover protects your tools from theft or damage and can be extended to cover portable hand tools depending on what services your garage carries out. You can also take out Directors’ and Officers’ cover, which covers fees for claims specifically against the directors or officers of your business.

Depending on your garage, you can create a Traders’ Combined policy that amalgamates specialist covers under one policy and is able to be adapted to your unique needs; for instance, if you carry out MOT inspections or other fittings in addition to Bodywork repairs these operations can still be covered.

Why choose Konsileo for your Bodyshop Insurance?

Our specialist Motor Trade brokers have years of expertise and knowledge in the sector and work with a wealth of insurers. Regardless of your business size or what you specialise in, our brokers are perfectly positioned to provide the best advice and can tailor policies to your unique business needs. Get in contact with our specialist motor trade team and protect your business, properly.


Bodyshop Insurance

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