MOT Garage Insurance

Every service and repair garage needs Motor Trade Insurance regardless of what specific services they perform. MOT garage insurance gives those carrying out MOT tests an additional layer of protection, including cover for loss of the essential MOT license.

To begin MOT testing, you are legally required to adhere to standards set by the DVSA and UK government. These include having suitable premises, authorised examiner, a well-maintained testing facility, and adequate motor trade insurance. Note that without adequate insurance and a valid MOT licence you will not be able to carry out MOT tests.

What is included in MOT Garage Insurance?

Depending on the services you offer, you require a specialist policy to ensure that you are covered for any eventuality. Working with heavy machinery and around cars is a hazardous environment, leaving you vulnerable to risks and accidents.

 MOT Garage insurance consists of a variety of different policies including;

What can I add to my MOT Garage Insurance?

Depending on the garage, you can build a Traders Combined policy, which includes cover for business premises, equipment and machinery, and service indemnity. To keep your insurance valid, your equipment must be inspected and tested regularly.

Engineering inspection cover is available to add to your policy, which ensures that inspections are carried out regularly by a competent engineer and are arranged for you. If you have an occasional vehicle sale, you will need Vehicle Stock cover to protect the vehicles in your building from theft and damage. You can also take out Demonstration Cover, which allows for a third party to test drive vehicles that are covered under the policy.

Why Choose Konsileo for MOT Garage Insurance?

Our specialist brokers have a wealth of experience dealing with the Motor Trade sector and all its unique businesses. With their years of experience and knowledge as well as access to markets, they are perfectly positioned to tailor policies to your needs. Whether you are just starting MOT testing or have been doing it since the day your garage was established, our brokers can protect your business, properly.


MOT Garage Insurance

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