Etsy Seller Insurance

If you have a retail business on Etsy, you need to have Etsy insurance. Etsy does not require you to have a policy in place and even has an Etsy Purchase Protection Programme. However, this is not an insurance policy, warranty, or guarantee and sellers have no legal claim under the programme. No matter how careful you are, no matter how closely you follow Government Product Safety Law and CE marking guidelines (if you sell products for children), accidents can and do happen. Stolen or damaged stock, compensation for an allergic reaction, and court fees can all lead to hefty financial losses and the potential closure of your shop.

What is covered by Etsy Seller Insurance?

Product Liability cover is the main policy you need to consider. This covers you for any claims that your product has damaged or injured a person or their property. Products that are more likely to harm others, such as cosmetics, candles, clothes, will come with a higher premium. Public Liability come with Product Liability and covers you against claims from anyone who comes into direct contact with your business. If you occasionally sell at a craft fair, or you have couriers coming to collect orders, you should consider a Public Liability policy. If you employ anyone you are legally required to have Employers’ Liability.

What other covers are available in Etsy Seller Insurance?

Many Etsy sellers conduct businesses within their own home. However, many homeowner policies are void if you conduct business on the home premises, so you may need to take out additional commercial policy cover.

Depending on where you ship to and what products you are offering, our brokers can tailor policies to your unique needs. Other policies include;

Why choose Konsileo for your Etsy Seller Insurance?

Our specialist online retailer brokers have a wealth of experience dealing with online sellers. We have extensive knowledge of the UK, Europe, USA and worldwide cover requirements and can help you to protect you and your online retail store.

We will ensure you have the correct policies in place and help you navigate the legalities that come with online retail and it’s risks so you can continue trading for years to come.

Etsy Seller Insurance

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