5 tips to avoid a business insurance horror story this Halloween

5 tips to avoid business insurance horror story this Halloween

Is your Business Insurance a Trick or a Treat? As a business owner, you probably know insurance and risk management should be top priority to ensure smooth operation of your company. However, insurance is a complex area and, as such, there are mistakes or oversights that might prove costly for your business. We’ve made a […]

Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessment

Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessment

Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessment  Determining the correct value to insure your commercial property can be a tricky issue and without expert knowledge you may fall foul of a clause known as the “average” principal. The insurance principle of average, in simple terms, means that if you have an insurance policy and you don’t insure your […]

Konsileo takes home Best Employer award at 2023 British Insurance Awards 

Konsileo win Best Employer award 2023 at British Insurance Awads

Konsileo takes home Best Employer award at 2023 British Insurance Awards At the 2023 British Insurance awards, hosted at London’s Albert Hall,  Konsileo has been named Best Employer (SME) at this year’s British Insurance Awards – making us officially the best broker in the UK to work for. Konsileo Award Winners  It’s the second year […]

What is the Konsileo Induction Process Like?

Allan Rhodes

When you join Konsileo as one of our brokers, you begin your journey on a four-week induction course before you start as a fully-fledged Client Director. So what exactly is involved, why does it take a month, and what do you get done in that time? Find out with some questions answered by our Induction […]

2023 Commercial Motor Insurance

2023 Commercial Motor Insurance

Market Outlook 2023  The motor insurance market has faced a multitude of challenges over the past few years, and this trend looks set to continue. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic’s sudden surge in online shopping saw more commercial vehicles-particularly small delivery vans-take to the roads. This increased demand for used motors has created a market where certain […]

A Journey Worth Taking

a journey worth taking

At Konsileo, from day one we have always said that we would be: unique, a disruptor, a challenger, and all that good stuff that most start-ups say… One thing that founder and CEO John Warburton has made clear from the beginning is that insurance broking is one of the most noble professions…

Konsileo’s year in review

Konsileo's year in review

As one more year is coming to a close, we might find ourselves rushing into New Year’s resolutions and ambitious objectives. But, if we don’t reflect on past achievements, how do we know if we are moving forward? Retrospection is the key for people – and companies– to evolve. 2018 was a fruitful year for […]