Amazon Seller Insurance

Amazon are one of the world’s largest online retail platforms selling an estimated product range of over 12 million different products. If you are and Amazon Seller, you are required to have Amazon Seller Insurance with a minimum limit equivalent to 1 million US dollars per occurrence and in aggregate. Cover is required for liabilities caused or occurred in conjunction with your business operations, including product, products or completed operations and injury.

In addition, Amazon insist that any Amazon Seller Insurance policy must name “Amazon”, its affiliates, and assignees as additional insureds. Amazons Europe Business Agreement can be read HERE.

All the above sounds a little daunting but here at Konsileo, we have a specialist Amazon team who have years of experience working with Amazon Sellers and fully understand your insurance needs, ensuring you and your business are protected against liabilities and risk and meet all insurance covers required by Amazon.

Can I also get USA Product Liability Insurance?

Yes, Konsileo can provide cover for the USA and Canada. Amazon requires its sellers to obtain insurance coverage for Product Liability with a minimum cover equivalent to $1 million US dollars, however, if selling to the USA we would recommend at least $2 million coverage if you ship to the USA.

What other covers are available in Amazon Insurance?

Like any business insurance, it is advisable to speak with your broker to ensure that all areas of your operations are risk assessed and adequate covers put in place to protect your business. Optional covers may include (but not limited to dependent on your operations);

Amazon Insurance for UK Domicile Businesses

Amazon Insurance is available to all UK Domicile businesses, our specialist team of able to advise and provide covers for drop shipping, white label and products shipped to Europe, the USA and Canada.

Why Choose Konsileo for your Amazon Sellers Insurance ?

Whether you are an Amazon Seller, Amazon FBA, operate Amazon White label, sell to the UK, Europe or the USA and Canada, our specialist team can help with your Amazon Insurance Covers. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge with Amazon Sellers.

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Amazon Seller Insurance

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