Top Risks for Businesses 2023

business disruption

Originally published by Allianz. The Allianz Risk Barometer is an annual report identifying the top corporate risks for the year ahead. It’s based on the insight of over 2,700 risk management experts from 94 countries and territories. Here we look at the top five risks identified by UK participants. 1. Cyber Incidents (#1 in 2022) […]

Inflation: The Impacts on Insurance

inflation: the impacts on insurance

Article originally published by Allianz What’s Causing High Inflation? Whilst a number of factors are contributing to the current economic situation, a key influence is the ongoing war in Ukraine. This has led to global rising energy prices as Europe looks to relinquish its dependence on Russian oil and gas. Additionally, the financial sanctions issued […]

Ryan Whybrow: Too Good to be True

starting at konsileo

“I fell into my first insurance job at the age of 17 because I wanted to be able to afford a car! But I ended up finding something I’m actually passionate about. 23 years later it’s great to feel passionate about it again. With Konsileo I’ve re-found my love for the job – and my […]

Avoiding Underinsurance – Commercial Insurance March 2023

avoiding underinsurance

Tips for Avoiding Underinsurance While businesses may be all too aware of the impact of economic pressures on operations, many fail to appreciate the knock-on effect such economic burden is having on insurance cover. Specifically, high inflation is increasing the cost of products, materials and labour, making it more expensive to rebuild, repair or replace […]

Josh Bedford: Understanding Clients’ Needs

“You don’t need to wear a suit and sit in an office for 7 hours a day to be a professional. In fact in insurance broking you’re probably worth more to your clients when you actually roll up your sleeves and get stuck into what really makes them tick, what their risk are, and what they really need in terms of cover.”

Company Fined £180,000 After Accident

Vita Cellular Foams (UK) Ltd. was fined £180,000 and ordered to pay costs of £4,377 after an employee lost her hand following a machine maintenance incident. The employee was operating a blown line machine at the company’s premises in Dukinfield on 30th June 2020 when the apparatus became blocked with fibres. Attempting to identify the […]

Cyber-Incidents: The Biggest Risk in 2023


Cyber-incidents topped the list of risks facing businesses around the world in 2023 for the second year in a row, according to Allianz’s 2023 Risk Barometer. In addition to ranking as the number one risk globally, cyber-events like IT outages, ransomware attacks and data breaches captured the top spot in 19 different countries, including the […]

Disruptors to Watch in 2023

disruptors to watch

The insurance marketplace is hardening across most sectors as insurance companies re-evaluate their books amid many challenges for the industry. Spiralling inflation, supply chain issues and the effects of climate change are all growing concerns, and insurers may increase premiums or modify policies in response. As such, employers should carefully review policy terms and conditions […]

Teal Tuesday – Wholeness

In this edition of our Teal blog post series, we’re going to be looking at the second of Laloux’s key concepts – wholeness. What does wholeness actually mean? How do you go about implementing this abstract idea in a professional environment?     The Concept   In Reinventing Organisations Laloux explains how in a traditional corporate work […]

Cyber-Risks and Liabilities Sept/Oct 2022

The Benefits of Threat Intelligence  Threat Intelligence (TI) refers to data that is collected, processed, and analysed to understand a threat actor’s motives, targets, and attack behaviours. Through TI, organisations can analyse both previous cyber-attacks and potential future threats.   Rather than being reactive, TI allows organisations to adopt a proactive approach to cyber-security. This […]