Shopify Seller Insurance

As one of the biggest online retailers beside Amazon and Etsy, Shopify allows users to sell any product on their shop. Whilst it is not a legal requirement to have Insurance in order to operate on Shopify, the site is under Canadian jurisdiction, meaning that regardless of where you are based you are required to adhere to Canadian business laws, this makes Shopify Sellers Insurance a critical cover. This might seem daunting – do not worry. Konsileo’s brokers have exceptional experience dealing with online retailer insurance and can help you navigate the jargon. You can check out Shopify’s terms of service here.

I’m a drop shipper, do I still need Insurance?

In a word, yes. Even though you may never see the product you are selling, it does not mean it does not exist! Supply chains can be temperamental at the best of times and buyers can hold you responsible for any delayed or missing  shipments. To ensure your business continues to run smoothly, drop shippers are encouraged to take out appropriate insurance. Depending on what you are drop shipping and where you are sending it to, your policy wording and limits will be different.

What is included in Shopify Seller Insurance?

Product Liability is essential for sellers. Even if you follow the guidelines and laws to the letter, accidents can still happen and buyers can take out claims against you. Product Liability protects you against claims that your product may have damaged, destroyed, or injury to a person or their property. Public Liability is sold alongside Product and protects you against claims made by people who have come in direct contact with your business, for instance at a craft fair or a courier coming to pick up an order.

What can I add to Shopify Seller Insurance?

Many Shopify sellers conduct businesses within their own home premises, a big draw for many small business owners. However, many homeowner policies are void if you conduct business on the home premises, so you may need to take out additional commercial policies.

Depending on where you ship to and what products you are offering, our brokers can tailor policies to your unique needs. Other policies include;

  • Marine Insurance (for shipping)
  • Stock and property insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Cyber insurance
  • Goods in Transit

Why choose Konsileo for your Shopify Online Seller Insurance?

Whether you have just sold your first item or have been running your shop for years, our specialist brokers have years of experience dealing with unique businesses. We have extensive knowledge on USA Product Liability and we will ensure you have the correct policies in place, helping you navigate the legalities that come with online retail so you can continue trading for years to come.

Shopify Seller Insurance

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