Celebrating Excellence at Konsileo Awards 2023

Konsileo Awards 2023 1

Celebrating Excellence at Konsileo Awards 2023 We wanted to honour the best of the best in our organisation. So, on the evening of 15th November 2023, the inaugural Konsileo Awards took place at Staverton Park Hotel in Daventry.   The idea was to recognise and celebrate the outstanding performance, innovation, and customer service of Client Directors […]

Safeguarding Your Online Retail Business: The Importance of Online Retailer Insurance

online retail insurance

The Importance of Online Retailer Insurance In today’s digital age, the rise of online retailer businesses has transformed the way we shop. With the convenience of purchasing products at the click of a button, the e-commerce industry continues to flourish. However, with great opportunities come great risks, and online retailers are not immune to the […]

Bonfire Night Insurance

Bonfire Night Insurance

Bonfire Night Insurance Remember, remember Bonfire night insurance on the 5th of November… When it comes to organising firework displays or events, the thrill of the spectacle often overshadows the potential risks involved. In the excitement, the importance of public liability insurance for bonfires and fireworks is vital if you want to protect your guests […]

Securing Your Garage with MOT Garage Insurance 

MOT Garage

Understanding the Need for MOT Garage Insurance MOT Garage Insurance is a legal necessity if you are the owner of a a garage that specialises in MOT testing services. Despite it being a rewarding venture – just like all businesses, it comes with its fair share of risks. From accidental damages to legal liabilities – […]

Navigating the Motor Fleet Sector: A Roadmap to Success

Navigating the Motor Fleet Sector

The motor fleet industry is vital to our economy, transporting goods, services, and people to keep our everything moving. However, it also presents niche challenges, from regulatory changes to emerging risks. In this article, I’ll share insights and strategies to navigate the motor fleet sector successfully. Understanding the Motor Fleet Landscape The motor fleet sector […]

Insurance Broker Annalie Sheils: What it means to be a part of Konsileo

Insurance Broker Annalie Sheils

“Konsileo have arrived in the East Midlands and in turn we are disrupting the Insurance Broking Industry with a unique approach to Insurance that nurtures the often-jeopardised, client-broker relationship.” Insurance Broker: Annalie Sheils Insurance Broker Annalie Sheils, shares what it means to me to be part of a Teal organisation and why it has transformed […]

Aaron Potts: Perfect Work-life Balance

Aaron Perfect worklife balance

Insurance Broker Aaron Potts: Explains how Konsileo has allowed him to find the perfect work-life balance… “I spent the first six months on guard waiting to find out what the catch was. Then I spent the next six months not being able to believe my luck and terrified it wouldn’t last! Now I’ve relaxed and […]

Leigh Williamson: Security and Freedom

Leigh Case Study

Working at Konsileo “Konsileo has completely ruined any other company for me, and me for any other company! I’m officially unemployable now, because I couldn’t work for anyone else. It really is the best organisation – you won’t get more freedom or better returns anywhere else. And I promise, if you put in the work […]

Konsileo goes speed-dating at BIBA  


Konsileo goes speed-dating at BIBA Kieron Burrows is Head of Insurance at Konsileo, and this year, as for the last ten years, he’ll be at BIBA. He’s also inviting all of Konsileo’s 100+ brokers to come along too.     What’s BIBA all about?    Well, BIBA is actually the British Insurance Brokers’ Association – a […]

Motor Trade Commercial Insurance Profile

Motor trade

Motor Trade Commercial Insurance Profile Car Dealers Anticipate Tough Sales Year The inflated cost of living continues to affect several industries, and the motor trade is no exception. In fact, 40% of consumers say their approach to motoring has been affected by the current cost-of-living crisis, according to research by online marketplace carwow. Moreover, 27% […]